About NUNO

Photo by Akira Matsumoto

Photo by Shigeki Nakajima

At Nuno—which is Japanese for fabric—we blend the traditional and the contemporary. Since our start in 1984, Nuno has worked exclusively with weavers and dyers in Japan, combining old practices with new technologies to create textiles that are original, distinctive, and fresh. We are honored that Nuno designs are in the collections of major museums around the world.
NunoWorks was launched in 2002 as a showcase for hand-printed textiles—silk-screened, stamped, or stenciled—that are bold and modern. As we go forward, our energies are focused on taking the next step for Nuno.

NUNO WORKSは、2002年にスタートしました。型染、シルクスクリーン、転写をはじめ、様々な捺染技法で仕上げる布づくりを展開し、大胆な構図、モダンな色使いが高く評価されています。
NUNO、NUNO WORKSがつくるテキスタイルは、伝統的な染織技術と現代のテクノロジーとが融合した「現代の布」づくりを目指しています。


At Nuno, textiles are our language, our inspiration, our aspiration. Textiles tell our story.
When we create our textiles, nature and tradition are woven with technology.
When we see our textiles, a moment of the future is glimpsed.
When we touch our textiles, they breathe and we feel at ease.
When we listen to the language of textiles, the message is beautiful.


Photo by Sue McNab


  • ・Nuno Corporation founded
  • ・Main shop opens in the AXIS Building, Roppongi in central Tokyo
  • ・Sapporo shop opens (later changed to Nuno Annex Sapporo)
  • Nuno Mise opens in Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo
  • ・Toyama retail corner opens
  • ・Nuno Annex Kokura opens
  • ・Showroom opens in D&D Building, New York (moved to San Diego in 2002)
  • Color, Light, Surface: Contemporary Fabrics, Cooper Hewitt Museum, New York
  • ・Nuno Textile Centre established in Kiryu, Gunma
  • Japanese Fashion runway show, North Dakota Museum of Art, Grand Forks
  • 2010: Textiles and New Technology, UK Crafts Council, London
  • Japanese Design: A Survey Since 1950, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia
  • ・AXIS Building shop reopens after renovation
  • ・Roscoe Design Award for “Feather Flurries,” New York
  • Textile Magician, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
  • ・Nuno Nuno Books launched (first volume BORO BORO)
  • Nuno exhibition, Livingstone Studio, London
  • Material Culture conference keynote presentation, University of Kansas, Kansas City
  • ・Retail corner opens in Sain AG, Bern, Switzerland
  • Structure and Surface: Contemporary Japanese Textiles, Museum of Modern Art, New York
  • ・Japan Interior Designers Association JID Award for Nuno Nuno Books
  • Structure and Surface: Contemporary Japanese Textiles, Saint Louis Art Museum, Missouri
  • Structure and Surface: Contemporary Japanese Textiles, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco
  • Design World 2000, Museum of Art and Design, Helsinki
  • Structure and Surface: Contemporary Japanese Textiles, Museum für angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt
  • Tradition and Innovation: Contemporary Textiles by Nuno Studio, University Art Museum, Santa Barbara
  • Nuno Sense & Skill, Kyoto Art Center
  • Nuno Sense & Skill, Shinjuku Park Tower, Tokyo
  • Structure and Surface: Contemporary Japanese Textiles, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge
  • Contemporary Textile Weaving and Dyeing: Ways of Formative Thinking, National Museum of Modern Art Craft Gallery, Tokyo
  • ・NUNO WORKS shop opens in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo (moved to Matsuya Ginza in 2012)
  • ・Material Things showroom opens, San Diego
  • Nuno Sense & Skill, Nobeoka Art Center, Miyazaki
  • Tradition and Innovation: Contemporary Textiles by Nuno, Fowler Museum at UCLA, Los Angeles
  • Magic and Mastery: Contemporary Japanese Textiles from Nuno, Museum of Art and Design, Atlanta
  • Convergence 2002 conference, Vancouver Convention Centre
  • Tradition and Innovation: Contemporary Textiles from Nuno, Weatherspoon Art Museum, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro
  • Beyond the Surface: Japanese Style of Making Things, Singapore Art Museum / Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila
  • Maku, Curtin University, Perth, Australia / Israel Museum, Jerusalem
  • ・Retail corner in Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi (changed to NUNO Ease shop in 2012)
  • 2121: The textile vision of Reiko Sudo and Nuno, James Hockey Gallery, University for the Creative Arts, Surrey
  • 2121: The textile vision of Reiko Sudo and Nuno, UK National Centre for Craft and Design, Sleaford/Textile Kultur Haslach
  • ・Mainichi Design Award for interior textiles for Mandarin Oriental Tokyo
  • 2121: The textile vision of Reiko Sudo and Nuno, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg
  • Contemporary Japanese Textiles and Metal Works from Materials and Artistry to Forms, Tsukuba Museum of Art, Ibaraki
  • Nuno Circle - Reiko Sudo Osaka Seikei University Art & Design Center, Kyoto
  • Nuno kibiso, gallery anima, Osaka
  • Japan! Culture + Hyperculture 'Koi Currents' textile installation, John F.Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington DC
  • Textile Spirit 'Archive & Design,' Spiral, Tokyo
  • Detour The Moleskine Notebook Experience MoMA Design Store, Tokyo
  • Japanese Cultural Month 'Travel in Your Mind,' Nordic House, Reykjavik
  • Japanese Sashiko Textiles, York Art Gallery, York / Collins Gallery, Glasgow
  • ・"Contemporary Japanese Fashion: The Mary Baskett Collection," Textile Museum, Washington D.C.
  • ・Nuno Works retail website launched
  • ・WHY DESIGN NOW? National Design Triennial Cooper-Hewitt Design Triennial Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, New York
  • Japanese Sashiko Textiles, Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, Devon
  • Fabrics of Feathers and Steel: The Innovation of Nuno, Textile Museum, Washington DC
  • Warp and Weft, Oriel Myrddin Gallery, Wales
  • Warp and Weft, National Wool Museum, Wales
  • Reiko Sudo - Nuno Circle, Pearlstein Gallery, Philadelphia
  • Japan: Tradition, Innovation, Canadian Museum of History, Gatineau, Québec
  • Fiber Future: Japan’s Textile Pioneers, Japan Society, New York
  • Kaunas Biennal: Textile 2011 “Rewind–Play-Forward”, M.K. Ciurlionis National Museum of Art, Kaunas
  • ・16th ETN Conference Rewind – Play – Forward, Kaunas
  • Bite-Size: Miniature Textiles from Japan and the UK, Japan House Gallery, London
  • Light and Architecture symposium, Kolding School of Design, Kolding
  • Lost in Lace: New Approaches by UK and International Artists, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham
  • ・“Ito Jakuchu Inspired Exhibition,” Tokyo Designers Week, Tokyo
  • ・Japanese Style: Sustaining Design, Nuno Japanese Textiles: ZOKU ZOKU, Ruthin Craft Centre, Wales
  • Nuno Japanese Textiles: ZOKU ZOKU, Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh
  • Material Innovations symposium and workshops, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • AgIdeas International Design Conference 2013, Melborne
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  • Nani 布 ne?, GALLERY le bain, Tokyo
  • Do You Nuno? to show in Sapporo 31 Years of Textiles We love!, Granvista Gallery Sapporo, Sapporo
  • 2015 HANCOCK FELLOW: REIKO SUDO​, Australian Tapestry Workshop​, Melbourne
  • ITCC 2015 “Playful Vision: Reiko Sudo and Nuno’s Textile Imaginings”, Marmara University Cumhuriyet Museum, Istanbul
  • Scraps: Fashion, Textiles, and Creative Reuse, Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, New York
  • The Future of Japanese Tradition, Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo
  • Do You Nuno? to show in Stockholm, Fiberspace Gallery, Stockholm
  • Fantasy in Japan Blue, Hall of States, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington D.C.
  • Scraps: Fashion, Textiles, and Creative Reuse, The Textile Museum, Washington D.C.
  • ScarffiauNunoZoku, Ruthin Craft Centre The Centre for the Applied Arts, Wales
  • Coded Threads Textiles & Technology, Western Gallery, Washington
  • Art and Design, dialogue with materials, Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art and Design, Toyama
  • Binding Threads / Expanding Threads: The Art of Creating “Between-ness”, Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Hiroshima
  • Ibaraki KougeitaizenIII Dyeing and weaving, Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum, Ibaraki
  • Koinobori Now! Installation by Reiko Sudo, Adrien Gardère and Seiichi Saito, The National Art Center, Tokyo
  • Tea Ceremony Fascination of Art and Design Marcel Wanders, Sudo Reiko, Miyake Mai : Swinmming Koinobori Installation by Reiko Sudo, Adrien Gardère, Oita Prefectural Art Museum, Oita
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  • Scraps: Fashion, Textiles, and Creative Reuse, Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Center, California
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  • ・FABRIC:TOUCH&IDENTITY 「Ogi no mai / Japanese Fanfare 2020」Compton Verney Art Gallery and Park,